Stock market trading addiction, a lesser-known issue, can lead to destructive behavior and financial ruin.

People who are addicted to trading often have signs that are comparable to those of people who are addicted to gambling, such as obsessive behaviour.

An addiction to trading may cause a person to overlook their personal relationships, profession, and even their own self-care.

Being focused on profits in the immediate future might result in poor decision-making and an increased willingness to take risks.

Anxiety: The emotional rollercoaster of wins and losses can exacerbate mental health issues like anxiety.

Overconfidence and the sunk cost fallacy are two examples of cognitive biases that might contribute to the perpetuation of trading addiction.

The convenience of internet trading platforms and the ability to access markets around the clock both have the potential to promote compulsive behaviour.

Trading addiction may cause financial losses that can lead to debt, bankruptcy, and overall economic instability over the long run.

The process of recovery may require psychotherapy, participation in support groups, and the imposition of stringent self-imposed trade limitations.

Raising awareness about stock trading addiction can help prevent its devastating impact on individuals.