May 18th, 2009: BSE Sensex registers a gain of 17%, or 2,110.79 points, in a single day, following the general election results.

Covid Recovery: On 7th April 2020, the BSE Sensex gains 9% or 2476.26 points, its biggest one-day gain in over a decade.

BSE Sensex records its second-biggest single-day gain on 25th March 2020, as it surges by 7% or 1862 points, amid hopes of a government stimulus package.

BSE Sensex gains 6.98% or 1627.73 points on 20th March 2020, as the RBI announces a slew of measures to cushion the economy from the impact of COVID-19.

On 20th September 2019, BSE Sensex jumps 5.3% or 1921.15 points, as the government announces a cut in corporate tax rates to boost the economy.

Union Budget: BSE Sensex gains 5% or 2314.84 points on 1st Feb 2021, setting a New Record High at that time.