COVID-19 crash (March 23, 2020): BSE Sensex lost 3943 Points or 13% due to the Pandemic's Impact on the Economy.

Harshad Mehta Scam (April 28, 1992): BSE Sensex lost 570 Points or 12.75% due to Securities Fraud and Market Manipulation.

US Financial Crisis (October 24, 2008): BSE Sensex lost 1070 Points or 11% due to the Global Financial Crisis.

COVID-19 crash (March 12, 2020): BSE Sensex lost 2919 Points or 8% due to the COVID-19 Pandemic's Impact.

COVID-19 crash (March 16, 2020): BSE Sensex lost 2713 points or 7.96% due to Ongoing Pandemic Concerns.

US Financial Crisis (January 21, 2008): BSE Sensex lost 1408 points or 7.40% due to the Global Financial Crisis.

Global Economic Concern (May 18, 2006): BSE Sensex lost 826 points or 6.75% due to concerns about rising crude oil prices and political uncertainty.

US Financial Crisis (March 17, 2008): BSE Sensex lost 951 points or 6% due to the Global Financial Crisis.

Chinese Market Crash (August 24, 2015): BSE Sensex lost 1624 points or 5.93% due to a crash in the Chinese stock market.

Demonetization (November 9, 2016): BSE Sensex lost 1689 points or 5.90% due to the Indian government's decision to demonetize certain high-value currency notes.

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